Brain Fart

So, I mentioned in my last post about how I think my baby is eating my brains.  I’m even more convinced now.  A few days ago, notification came that Mr. Cookie and I had received Amazon gift cards from his family for Christmas.  Wahoo!  As much as I keep telling myself that I need to spend the money on myself (or rather, as much as other people keep telling me), that is really  hard.  1)  I’m bad at thinking of what I want.  2)  Baby stuff is so interesting!

We have some dear friends coming to visit us in a couple weeks from NYC.  They’ll be bringing their kids, including a one year old.  I decided it would be way awesome if I had all the stuff I needed for the crib so they wouldn’t have to lug their pack ‘n’ play with them.  And, you know, I’m nesting or something.  So, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a mattress, some sheets, and a bumper (the mesh kind).  Then, yesterday I went to track the packages.  The good news is they’re on track to be delivered tomorrow or Thursday.  The bad news is that… they’re going to our old house.

Cue to a frantic email to our old landlords, who kindly put us in contact with the new tenants, who are graciously going to hold on to our stuff so I can go pick it up.  But seriously?  Brain?  Enough already.  Get your act together.

Oh yeah, and how cute are these sheets I ordered?  I got the two on top.  LOVE.  Dan and Andrea, any preference?  🙂

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  1. 1

    Erika said,

    But on the plus side, you remembered to log out of your Amazon account on my computer. (Yes, I just checked.)

  2. 3

    Jenn and Ben said,

    just FYI, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) just came out with guidelines that recommend that parents not use any type if bumpers (including the mesh breatheable kind). we actually ended up tossing our brand new, never used breatheable bumpers because of this (I believe E & S did as well)

    • 4

      Erika said,

      No, we still have a death trap. Drop-side crib plus mesh bumpers. But we’re thinking about taking down the mobile that would be a strangling hazard if we let Bobo sleep unswaddled.

      • 5

        Jenn and Ben said,

        huh, I could swear I remembered S mentioning that she’d removed the bumper…guess I must have sleep hallucinated that

    • 6

      Mrs. Cookie said,

      Yeah, S & E informed me of this when I was over at their house the other night (fittingly, as they were getting ready to put Bobo into her death trap). 🙂 I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I suppose I probably shouldn’t use it, but the thought of the baby getting a hand stuck in the bars or something freaks me out a little. And, who knows. Maybe by the time I actually give birth they’ll have changed their minds again. IT COULD HAPPEN!

      • 7

        Sarah said,

        If you haven’t opened the ones you ordered yet, we could also pass ours on to you before S. makes an appearance, as we’ll be done with them by then, I’m sure! 🙂

  3. 8

    Jenn and Ben said,

    oh yeah, loving the elephant sheets! so cute!

  4. 9

    Dan said,

    Aww! Ben will be bringing a blue elephant, so that would match very nicely 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you two!

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