The Big Leagues

I think I might be having a baby.  See, that’s different from being pregnant.  No, there is not a baby physically exiting my body right now, but things are getting real, yo.  Last Sunday, we started Bradley classes.  I wasn’t wild about the website’s wording on everything (husband coached childbirth seemed a touch conservative), so was thrilled when our instructor started the class off by griping and apologizing about the fact that Bradley seems oblivious to the fact that husbands are only part of the group of people supporting women through their labors.  Hurray!

Then, when I went in for my check up today, I was given a few things that made me feel like “oh my god, I’ve made it.”  The first was the enormous folder from our hospital with information sheets on everything from health care proxies and hep b shots to nursery decor (ugg.  Babies ‘R’ Us is everywhere).  We have big decisions to make and, despite the fact that we’ve already made many of them, it still makes it feel more real.  The second thing I received was the dreaded orange drink for the glucose test.  Next time I go in, for my 28 week appointment, I will in fact have to drink this sugar water about which I’ve heard so much.  The final thing wasn’t so much an item as an event.  The receptionist booked me for my next, next appointment for 2 weeks after the 28 week one (instead of the usual one month).  Woah.  We’re doing that now, are we?

You guys.  I’m having a baby.


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    Sarah said,

    I think I told you this, but I did another glucose test recently (FUN TIMES), and it turns out it’s really not that bad when you don’t have morning sickness. So you should be okay 🙂 (And if you can’t drink it, there are always jelly beans!)

    Soon you will feel like it would really just be easier to move into the midwife’s office!

    • 2

      Jenn S said,

      yeah, i’m pretty sure i didn’t tolerate it well mainly because i had insane morning sickness at the time. if you’ve ever had one of those “Chub” (?) drinks (the ones that look like little barrels), it pretty much tastes like that.

      and yeah, you are having a baby! hooray! it’ll be better than you could ever imagine, and you are so going to love it!

    • 3

      Sarah said,

      Also! I don’t know if Mr. C usually goes to your appointments with you, but you might want a chauffeur – both of the ones I did while pregnant left me feeling kind of woozy and not really wanting to drive.

  2. 5

    Kim said,

    Whoa. So in a few weeks that will be me, huh? Yipes. Never heard of Bradley classes. Our hospital offers childbirth classes, which we’ll attend. Rural Maine=you take what you can get! 🙂

    • 6

      Mrs. Cookie said,

      The hospital also has classes, but nothing nearly as comprehensive as Bradley (12 2 hour classes). They don’t tend to offer them in hospitals because they are so focused on natural childbirth (so if that’s what you want, they’re supposed to be great). I bet you could find someone in your area who is an instructor if you wanted to.

  3. 7

    katesaidan said,

    The orange drink is just an off brand orange soda. I was 10 minutes too late making it to the pee test so I got to drink it again and wait another hour. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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