Hello again, friend (In the Beginning)

Has it really been almost 6 months since I last posted?  Woops.  Well, settle in for a long catching up post, friends!

I was talking to my sister this morning and marveling over the fact that the 5 months since Viv was born seem simultaneously like a lifetime, as I suppose they have been for one little mite, and like the blink of an eye.  Is she really wearing 12 month clothing already?  How is it that she just rolled and wiggled and kicked herself from one side of her playmat to the other to retrieve an errant toy?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that my husband held her on an early, gray, drizzly spring day: swaddled and on his chest, while classical music played in the background and I meandered about, setting our home to rights by picking up the detritus of a newborn- a blanket here, soiled diapers there, burp cloths draped on every chair and sofa arm to catch the frequent spit up.  Did that ever really happen? She has a beautiful, sweet, curious soul that grows warmer with every day.  Lately, she has become (in her pediatrician’s words) “flirtatious.”  Oh, is she.  She will stare down new people, contemplate for a minute, and then crack an enormous smile.  Not daring enough to actively seek out new people and more of an observer, she is a more than willing recipient of anybody’s attention.  Oh, friends.  She is a delight.  My mom told me in those early days that she was an easy happy baby.  That was sometimes hard for me to believe, having little to compare her to.  She could scream (and often did for what seemed like hours but was more like 20-30 minutes a night) and was fully capable of covering absolutely everything nearby in spit up.  But she truly was and is easy.  We are so incredibly lucky and undeserving of this beam of light. 

Here she is, in pictures.

Leaving for the hospital after my water broke to get monitored on April 17th

Looking good, Mom and Dad! Go home and rest up.


Vivian Margaret- born 4/19/12 at 2:17pm. She is completely worth everything I went through.

Bonding and resting (and thinking about eating… VIVIAN!)

Homeward bound!

We wound up coming home on her original due date, two days after her birth and four days after my water broke.  It was a beautiful spring day and I remember crying in the car on the way home as I told her about all the glorious blooms that filled our neighborhood and that I would show her next year.  In fact, I told her that every year at this time I would remind her that those flowers and the smell of them lingering in the air would always serve as a reminder of the time when she was born and we got to take her home with us.  Spring will forever be, in my heart and mind, a time of new life and birth because of the story of my most precious of blooms.

Stay tuned over the next few days for posts on the last few months!


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