Out of respect for the privacy of ourselves, friends, family, co-workers, clients, and students, is our wish that this blog remain anonymous.  All comments with our real names will either be edited or will not be approved!  Thank you for your understanding.

Mrs. Cookie- author

Mrs. Cookie lives on the outskirts of Boston, where she teaches English to 6th graders who continually supply her with reminders to laugh and enjoy life.  She gets cranky when people insinuate that 6th grade is an awful grade to teach.  She is no martyr and thinks that, like any age, students will produce what is expected of them.  Expect greatness and you will rarely be disappointed.  In fact, this is a philosophy that Mrs. Cookie tries to apply to the rest of her life as well (although she is the first to admit she is not always successful).  Married in August of ’08, she loves to write about her marriage along with teaching, baking, and whatever else she fancies at the moment.  As of August, 2011, she is pregnant with the Cookies’ first child, due in April.


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    David said,

    I wonder whatever happened to Mrs. Cookie and her blog … ?

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