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Holiday Happiness

When you join forces with another person, there are so many logistics to figure out.  Who will we visit for this holiday?  How do you prefer laundry to be done (a good answer to this one is “however you would like, since you’re nice enough to do it”)? How should we decorate our living space?  This will, inevitably, lead to many fights or, at a minimum, disagreements.  Until you stumble on the things that you can wholeheartedly agree on.  Like that Crest paste is great toothpaste.  Or that the right side of the bed really can be mine.  Or that Christmas decorating needs to happen the day after Thanksgiving.

In Mr. Cookie’s house, this was always the way.  In our family, we waited an agonizing two weeks (at least) before Christmas came to our home.  The first year we lived together, I met Mr. Cookie’s suggestion to decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving with some trepidation.  Since then, there is no turning back.  It is such a nice tradition, and such a great way to prolong the togetherness that Thanksgiving brings.  So, yesterday, without fail, Mr. Cookie headed off to the hardware store to purchase lights and other decorations for the outside of our house.  He hung one string (and then rehung it because it was backwards) only to decide that he didn’t like how it didn’t match the icicle lights he’d gotten for the side porch.  Here he is working hard hanging the lights the first time (the ones we wound up later exchanging):

Off to exchange the icicle lights for ones that would hopefully match. When that failed to work, he went back to the store for a third and final time to exchange the lights in front for more icicles.  It was a little more expensive but so worth it!  I went with him on one of his three trips to the store and we picked out a snowman, a wreath, a kissing ball, and some other things to supplement the garland he had purchased earlier.

Here is the result (finished around 10:15 last night):

There is still a little work to be done (namely, we need candles for the windows), but I am really excited to be the first on our block to have our lights up and I just know that there is a kid somewhere who is looking at our  house and starting to pester stubborn parents about decorating early.  🙂  Next weekend:  REAL tree (finally- one of those things we couldn’t agree on at first) and decorating the inside.


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I Need Order!

Those were words oft spake by my mom. I grew up in a house that was very ordered in many ways.  Everything had its place, and each night before bed there would be stacks of things on the stairs that needed to make their way up to our rooms- mail, toys, etc.  If we wanted friends to come over, we usually had to vacuum.  That’s just the way things were.  I scoffed at it and thought my mom was being too uptight.  After all, my friends lived in houses with various states of clutter and mess and they didn’t seem at all bothered by them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live like that, free of the compulsion to clean?

Now that I’m an adult, I realize it is not nice.  Not for me, at any rate.  You know that show Hoarders?  Every time I watch it I feel a huge need to purge.  Not that I’m really a pack rat to begin with.  But just watching how some of those people live stresses me out.  It’s odd, because even now if I got to a friend’s house and it is messy and cluttered I’m not usually bothered by it.  I am not stressed out and I don’t feel a compulsion to get busy with the broom and duster.  I have noticed a correlation between the length of time I stay and my stress level though.  If I am spending the night, it goes up a little.  If I am spending a weekend, a little more.  If I’m staying a week, oh my god where are the cleaning supplies?!

All this to say, that when it comes to my own house (and it really is my own house now, yay!!), I need order too.  It’s where I live.  I spend the majority of my time here.  My mind is reflective of my living space.  So, from the moment we moved in I already had plans to make our space more liveable.  Behold…

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Chair: Interrupted

I am great at procrastination.  My husband (or maybe one of my friends) claims that people who procrastinate do it so that they have an excuse when their last minute attempts fail (I’m paraphrasing).  There may be some truth in that.  Still, I decided to refinish this rocking chair MONTHS before moving because it was April vacation and I had little else to do.  I didn’t finish.  In fact, I gave up after two days of trying.  Paint on curved wood is a BITCH to remove.  Some progress pictures:

Before my meddling

I decided I was going to do it the natural way and just sand the black paint off.  Hilarious!  30 minutes later:

Screw natural!

So, down to the paint store to buy some stripper.  Except I buy the natural stripper.  The stuff you leave on for four hours, mist with water in case it has completely dried, and then scrape off.  Oh, hell no.  Well, oh hell yes.  I did that.  Twice.  Suffice it to say, this chair is now back in the corner, pads back on, waiting for me to get up the motivation to finish the job.  Ugg.  How many months until we move?

It is taunting me.

Neener neener!

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