Fitness Check Up: Week Three

Slip-ups:  I’m pleased to say that this week I managed to really behave.  I had a piece of cake on Friday, but it still fit entirely within my calories for the day.  Mr. Cookie even found me a theater that sells Coke Zero (a rare treat for me).

Eating Habits: I ate really healthfully this week.  Good for me, since my exercise was kind of lame a lot of the time.

Exercise: I ran a couple times with GirlyQ and her friend last weekend which made for a great interval workout.  I also ran the two miles to her house in 19 minutes (which translates into a 9:30 pace) Mr. Cookie and I got out on a 22 mile bike ride on the Minute Man.  That was all the weekend.  Then the week hit and things slowed down.  A run here, a workout with my trainer there, another run today… yeah.  Oooh!  Oooh!  I am wicked sore today from doing very belated spring cleaning yesterday.  We’ll call that my workout for the day.  I think it counts- moving furniture to sweep and mop, wiping down baseboards, dusting…

Weight: 166.8.  Down 7 pounds from 4 weeks ago.  I’m glad to see that even with a small amount of exercise, I was still able to go down with awesome eating habits. Kick butt!


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    MrC said,

    Mrs. C. rocks the Casbah, while Mr. C. had a week high on slip-ups, including a particularly stupid, binge-tastic Friday around free baked goods at work. It was epic. It was horrible. But I put it behind me. Glad Mrs. C. is protecting the family brand.

  2. 2

    Rich said,

    Just saw this article (linked to my name). Health really is very important for happy, safe pregnancies

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