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Seward’s Folly

This is going to be a long post, so pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea.

You may have heard it said that everything is bigger in Texas.  And, it’s usually true.  However, when compared to Alaska, Texas doesn’t really hold a candle to the grandeur that Alaska possesses.  So:  an amendment.  Everything is bigger in Texas unless you’re comparing it to Alaska.


Mr. Cookie and I arrived in Anchorage exhausted.  It had been a long day of flying and we were ready to pass out.  TnT (mom an her then fiance, now husband) met us at the airport and we immediately returned to our hotel.  Mom promised us a great view upon waking and, oh man.  She was not kidding.

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Fitness Check Up: Week Two

Slip-ups:  This week wasn’t so much about major slip-ups as it was about small, more frequent slip-ups.  A serving of corn chips.  Some amazing naan that I had too much of at Kathmandu Spice.  Two donut holes.  Some “fun size” Hershey bars.  Oh.  And at last week’s LOST party, I had a little bit of fro-yo and half a black and white cookie.  And a pina colada.  And I had a little more fro-yo later in the week.  Yikes.  It’s kind of scary typing everything out.

Eating Habits: Despite what it may appear from above, my eating habits weren’t horrible this week.  They generally consisted of REAL Chobani for breakfast, a mid-morning snack (fruit or string cheese), a sandwich or tuna salad for lunch along with fruit, veggies, and the occasional protein shake, and then something healthy and small for dinner (we had salmon one night with green beans, another night my darling husband brought dinner to rehearsal:  a wrap with turkey and bacon (don’t worry:  not very much) and avocado and a teeny bit of mayo and tons of lettuce with TWO pickles instead of fries).

Exercise: I had some good runs this week and had a really good strength work out on Thursday.  My speed is finally improving on my runs again, which makes me happy.  Mr. Cookie and I also walked a ton.  This was my last week for ballet.  Sad.

Weight: 169.  .2 pounds up from last week.  At first, I thought it was because last week was such a huge drop that it had to be a fluke.  I mean, 5 pounds in two weeks??  But after writing down all my small “slip-ups,” I’m thinking those might be more to do with it.  The good news is that I’m still on course.  Yeah, this wasn’t a good week, but I am going to start tracking through Sparkpeople again even though I hate doing it and maybe next week I’ll see actually good results.

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Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and breathe deeply.  Especially when you’re mired in the frustrations of May in middle school.  So, when I got Sister Cookie’s invitation to come up to Maine for a barbecue in honor of two of her sons, I readily accepted.  Mr. Cookie was out of town and, wanting company for the long drive, I asked our good friend Campy to come with me.  We had a lovely day.

We saw this:

(he really was happier than this… I just didn’t get a good shot of it)

One of these:

A little of this:

And of course we can’t forget this:

Happily, there were also some of these:

And these:

Yes, Vati.  I just did that.  J9 can beat me up later.  You two look lovely.  And at least I didn’t use the one of you sucking face kissing.

Once we left the barbecue, he asked if we could take a road trip to OOB (Old Orchard Beach, for you non-Mainers).  I agreed and off we headed.

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There are a lot of changes happening around here.  Mr. Cookie is (as he mentioned two  posts ago) looking for a new job.  Talks about starting a family have also ramped up.  Don’t get all excited yet (MOM.  DAD.  SISTER MONKEY), because it’s still not going to happen for at least a year most likely (trying, that is- not actually popping one out).  Still, it’s time for me to get serious about dropping some weight and maintaining an active lifestyle.  To this end, Mr. Cookie and I have both put ourselves on a healthy path by increasing protein (one part of the reason we stopped being vegetarian) and limiting carbs to healthier grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat).

I want something to keep me honest.  What better place than this blog?  Each Sunday, I will be updating with a short post on notes for the week (slip ups, exercise habits, current weight included).  I know a lot of you guys have fitness goals as well, so if you’d like you can post your weekly stats in the comments.  If you’re not comfortable putting a specific number, you can always say -2 lb this week or whatever feels good for you.

Okay, so.  Baring it all:

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Last time, my sister chose the flavor.  This time, I didn’t give her the option (I’m mean like that).  Turns out, it didn’t matter much.  All I did was change the filling from strawberry to cherry and the frosting from plain buttercream to chocolate buttercream (oh, sweet blessing of the gods!).  I did, however, ask what decorating scheme she wanted for the joint birthday cake that would celebrate two of my nephews.  The response was bugs.  Being new to fondant, I quickly headed over to Youtube for some suggestions.  Then, I tweaked them ever so slightly (partially to make them my own, partially because I’m nowhere near as talented as either of the linked ladies).  Anyway, bugs it was.  I started out with grand aspirations and then found myself channeling my inner Tim Gunn (“edit, edit, edit!”).  It may have still come out rather busy.  Oh, and a pleasant aside, I didn’t have enough fondant on hand for everything, so I wound up cracking open the can of gumpaste powder I’ve been sitting on for about a year now.  Behold, the end result (after the cut)

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Not My Style

I have to start by apologizing for the long absence.  It started by waiting for the Alaska pictures to be edited.  Then, it continued with the sending of said pictures to Mac Purgatory thanks to an OS update that was not compatible with an old version of Aperture (to which the pictures had already been uploaded and promptly deleted from the camera).  They’re still there, waiting somewhere hidden in the computer, mocking us and just completely inaccessible until we buy the software update.  Of course,  then the dry spell continued when life got crazy hectic and I went a week barely seeing my own husband, let alone having time to update a blog.  I know, excuses, excuses.  Thanks for sticking with us (and you have, you really have!) and waiting patiently for a new update.  So, without further ado, here is a (non-Alaska) update.

I was walking out of the school today when I heard an adult yelling at a little kid.  She finished the one sided conversation by telling the child to “go get [her] coffee.”  It got me thinking about parenting styles and things that I think I will or won’t do.  I don’t want to pass judgment on those I disagree with, because I don’t know their particular situations.  They might have good reasoning for what they do and far be it from me to say I’m the only person who is ever right (because I’m not.  I’m really not.  Ask my husband but not my mom because she loves me too much and will lie through her teeth about my perfection).

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