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Fitness Check In: Week Six

Slip-ups:  Washington DC has a lot of dangerous places to eat.  Still, we did pretty well considering.  Yes, I had a Five Guys burger and fries.  Yes, I ate copious amounts of carbs and even some sweets.  What really did me in though, was the cake I made for a friend’s party last Thursday.  One day’s diet consisted literally of Chobani, Oreo Cream filling, chips, cake, and vegetables.  I felt GROSS.

Eating Habits: Not good.

Exercise: Happily, we managed to stay fairly active in DC to counteract the negative affects of bad food.  I met my challenge of two runs but forgot the resistance bands and did little strength.  I also had swim class again this week, along with my weekly workout with Sunny (so sore) and the run from hell from yesterday.  I’m planning a slow, short recovery run today to help my body work out some of the kinks and keep me moving.

Weight: 164.  Straight up.  This means I lost half a pound, which, given my terrible eating habits this week, I think is entirely fair.  Still, I’m back from vacation, back on my game, and ready to see bigger losses.

Challenge: This week my focus will be on not just staying within my calorie goals, but also eating calories that are really worthwhile.  The whole point of this is not just to say I ate a certain number of calories, but to really honestly say that the food I’m putting into my body is worth it.

Guys, I have 19 pounds to go to my estimated goal weight.  That’s crazy go nuts awesome.  It feels doable!


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Exhibit A

After getting my ass handed to me on what should have been a lovely, refreshing 5.5 mile run this morning, I have come to the realization that I am in no way ready for the 10k I’m supposed to run on July 4th.  I knew you guys wouldn’t believe me, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give you photographic evidence.  Pull out your smelling salts.

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Ode to an Ogre

Father’s Day has come and gone and I failed to blog about it.  Still, I wanted to pay tribute to the three most important fathers in my world and also to the most present future father of my own children.  Mr. Cookie may not be a dad yet, but I know that when some day he is, he is going to have enormous shoes to fill.  He will, I have absolute faith, fill them exceptionally.

Nobody is perfect.  I sure know I’m not.  But for all his flaws, I think I made out pretty lucky in my match.  I don’t always give him enough credit.  So, today because I’m in a great mood and because he’s been exceptionally nice (even though I called him at work and sent him multiple emails when I know he’s really busy and doesn’t have the time to deal with my shenanigans), I’m writing to tell you a little bit about what makes my husband wonderful.  But to do that, I have to tell you a little bit about the other men in my life.

Grandpa–  My grandpa was a great man.  He came from a family of 19 kids.  He was a self-starter who was always seeking to improve himself.  I remember when I was little, I went with him once to a swim class.  He’d never learned how to swim as a kid but had always wanted to know.  So, in the autumn of his life he decided to learn.  That set a huge impression for me.  I always knew somewhere in the back of my head that that was special.  This was an “old dog” who was very interested in learning new tricks.  He always had the latest technology.  He was obsessive about staying current with the latest movies, computers, news.  Everything was a teachable moment.  He used to play piano for me and then tell me about how, when he was little, his mom didn’t have time to teach him how to play (shocking, with 18 kids!) but she would let him sit and watch her in the evenings.  This is how he learned.

Mr. Cookie shares that same quality.  Once he decides to learn about something, nothing is going to stop him from doing it.  It’s funny, but we’ve come full circle.  Mr. Cookie and I never took formal swimming lessons as children so when he asked if I wanted to learn a couple months ago, I was very excited.  We’re taking lessons and while it’s challenging, he is applying himself with much gusto.  Just like Grandpa.  He loves to keep active physically and mentally, something that I have no doubt will last right up until the end of a long, fulfilling life.

Pepere- Pip was not a man of many words.  He would sit in the corner and observe, occasionally making softly uttered, wry comments under the buzzing of women around him.  This quiet is clearly not what Mr. Cookie shares in common with him.  However, he was an observer of the world around him.  He was a lover of life and deep thinking.  I used to love going down to the park with him.  He always had a big bag of bird seed in the trunk of his old boat of a car and we would sit and feed the squirrels who all knew him and would come right up to us.  Once there was quiet and solitude, he would open up.  I could ask him anything and he would talk.  I learned a great deal about philosophy and introspection from him on these field trips.  He would listen to my views and then with a slow nod and a quick “yep” he would chime in, never straight up disagreeing but often showing me a new perspective.

Mr. Cookie is more aggressive, but the same sentiment is there. Countless times he has pushed me to look at the other sides of an issue, even if he agrees with what I’m saying.  He is always pushing himself and those around him to consider every angle before forming an opinion and I love this about him.  I know that when we have kids, he’ll do the same thing with them.  He’s not going to settle for children who just agree with everything we believe.  Our kids are going to be stronger, more independent thinkers because of this.

Daddy- Oh, my daddy.  Humor.  Adaptability.  Sociability.  They say you marry your father.  I don’t think that’s entirely true, but I think that Mr. Cookie shares a lot of my dad’s best qualities.  We used to joke that Dad could go into a store and by the time he left, the clerk would know his life story.  He is so congenial and outgoing.  He also loves to laugh and make others laugh.  I used to love when we had company over as a little girl because I knew there would be great conversation and I would hear good stories.  Of course, as you get older (and hear the same stories on repeat) you start to roll your eyes and mentally check out but the thing is, those stories are (usually) new to the  person hearing them.  I have no doubt there will be eye-rolling moments for our kids, and that’s okay.  They’ll get past it and back to the point where they adore their dad for the quirks.  Dad is also great at adapting to new situations.  He’s a chameleon, really.  I’m sure 20 years in the Air Force helped with this but I love to see how fluidly he moves through all the changes thrown his way.  I know that regardless, Dad is always going to end up okay because he’s so good at handling change.

Mr. Cookie shares all of these qualities.  He always rolls his eyes when I hatch a new plan to invite as many people over as I can.  It’s really not entirely for me that I do this.  More often than not, I wind up in the kitchen cooking when we have a lot of people over.  If we go to someone else’s house, I immediately find an excuse to help out in the kitchen to get away from awkward socializing.  But you better believe I’m in the kitchen listening to him tell his stories.  I might be rolling my eyes, but I’m also laughing at the same time.  He’s so much better at socializing than I am.  I’m awkward and say stupid things and look and feel the whole time like I’m an impostor when we are with people I don’t know very well.  Not Mr. Cookie. He shines.

I love all the daddies that have impacted my development.  Most of all, I love them because they set such strong examples for me of what I ought to look for in a husband.  I am incredibly blessed by the strong men I’ve shared my life with.  So, to all the dads and to the one very special future dad, an incredible amount of love and thanks for a belated Father’s Day and all future Father’s Days.

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Fitness Check in: Week Five

This is coming a little early this week since Mr. Cookie and I will be in DC this weekend (for his swearing in to the Supreme Court Bar!)

Slip-ups:  Overall, I did very well this week.  Yesterday, being the  last day of school, I went to the teacher after school party and drank a TON of booze (think:  one bottle of Prosecco, two Jello shots).  Then, I took several hours to sober up, drank tons of water, had a chicken sausage, went home, met Mr. Cookie downtown, and ran the Lawyers Have Heart 5k.  And my doubting co-workers said I couldn’t do it!

Eating Habits: There were too many days where I felt like I was getting too many of certain things (carbs) and not enough of others (protein).  I’m finding that in eating out, you can almost always find healthier dishes that have carby bases but not as much protein.  Fail.  Overall, I’m happy though.

Exercise: There were a couple great runs and then the 5k yesterday. We also started swim class!!

Weight: 164.5.  Pardon me while I throw myself a little party.  This officially means that I have lost more than 9 pounds since I started.  It also means I have fewer than 20 pounds to go to my estimated goal.

Challenge: All right.  I’m creating a new section in light of our vacation.  My friend just went on vacation and she told everyone she planned on exercising a certain number of times while on vacation so she would feel held accountable.  I’m going to do the same thing.  Mr. Cookie has planned a couple great runs for us and during at least one of those runs (probably the one on the Mall) I want to end it by doing some strength exercises.  That reminds me- I need to pack the resistance bands.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Some define the word diet as a negative thing:  something we do when our pants are getting too snug.  Something we quit when our pants stop being snug or it doesn’t work.  Something we do again when the pants inevitably get snug again.  When I was in undergrad, the health and fitness adviser put it a way that makes a lot more sense to me.  I had gone to him to consult on my plan for losing weight.  I wanted to make sure I was doing it healthfully and he reassured me that I was but he also gave me some very good advice.

He told me that those people who see a “diet” as a temporary thing will never be successful.  We are all on a diet.  Some of us are on the junk food diet.  Some of us are on the health nut diet.  Some of us are on a vegetarian diet.  You get the idea.  You can’t view a diet as a temporary fix.  You have to find a diet that works for you and stay with it even when you’ve reached your goals.  Diet is lifestyle.

That’s why, this time around, I’m really committing myself to eating in a way that I’ll be happy to maintain when I’ve lost all the weight I need to lose.  I can honestly say that I enjoy the food I’m eating.  I don’t feel deprived.  I’ve had some slip ups but they have not been hugely detrimental.  I’m eating a lot less junk and putting food into my belly that really fulfills me.

Through my fitness check up posts you’ve caught a glimpse of what my diet is like.  For those of you who have asked for a more detailed description of what it is I’m trying to do, this is for you:

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Fitness Check Up: Week Four

Slip-ups:  This week’s downfall was not so much a ton of slip-ups as it was having two or three days where I just ate TOO MUCH.  Granted, on Monday I had a piece of cake at work but that was, once again, within my calories.  On Wednesday, we had Field Day and as I result I ate cookout food.  My body was probably shocked by the refined carbs.  Again, within my calories for the day, but eating crap.  I did have two heavy calorie days:  Friday we went out for a fancy dinner together and while the portions were small and the food seemed relatively greaseless, we had a few courses plus plenty of alcohol.  Yesterday was also somewhat heavy, because it was a work day for the theater and of course they had their usual snacks that I had trouble resisting.  I think I also ate too much this week because (as evidenced by the blog) I was in a slump.

Eating Habits: Mostly okay but I feel off the no refined carbs wagon and ate too much.  The good news was that I didn’t feel good and am not really tempted to keep doing this.

Exercise: Other than a typically active lifestyle, I got in little exercise.  I had a great workout on Thursday with Sunny and I had fun on Field Day running hurdles and doing other things with the kids.  I got out on a run with Mr. Cookie at the beginning of the week.  Beyond that, I walked a lot.  I’m surprised by how little time was actually spent sitting around.

Weight: 166.8.  No difference from last week.  This is pretty disappointing, but I was also bracing myself for something way worse.  So, while I’m sad that I didn’t go down at all, I’m happy I didn’t undo all of my hard work with one bad week.  Expect to see a much better number next week!!

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Sometimes, you have to put on a pretty dress.

Sometimes, you have to take out the hairdryer and actually do something decent with your hair.

Sometimes, you have to put some concealer on that zit that came from nowhere and then cover that with some foundation.

Sometimes, you have to put on makeup.

Sometimes, you have to hear your husband come home and say “hey!  You look pretty!”

You have to push down the urge to be irritated that he sounds surprised because you know it’s really been awhile since you’ve done anything nice to yourself.

Sometimes, you have to plan a fun night out.

And sometimes, you have to just let all the bullshit go and smile.

Then, in the name of solidarity, you just have to have that last glass of sparkling wine while your husband downs his last drink and stumble home together, conquering the rocks of Porter on the way.

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